Timber Sales Administration

Timber sales is our most valued service.The sale of forest products can be profitable to a landowner. However, the landowner should first understand the whole effect of selling trees off his land. That's where we can help...The following illustrates the administration of a timber sales contract. Recently, Northeast Timber Services sold timber from the lands of a Delaware County, New York, client. First we inspected the timber to determine its growth potential. Then we considered the owner's plans for his land. We determined that two sales could be made: one immediately and another in fifteen years. The fifteen-year period between sales allows the remaining trees to mature, increasing their value. We marked, measured, and appraised the value of each tree to be harvested. This sale included 1,609 trees containing 249,600 board feet of lumber. We appraised the sale at $55,000. Advertisements of the terms of the sale, a description of the timber and its volume, a location map and a bid form (an actual advertisement link is on the bottom of the page) were sent to 56 reputable and interested bidders. Eight bids were received at values of $26,066...$45,123... $54,280... $60,185... $60,517...$61,045... $62,451.50 and $78,400. The bids varied due to species, dimensions and grades of lumber each buyer specialized in. Other factors affecting bids were inventories on hand, outstanding orders, methods of operation and local competition for quality timber. We know that by providing accurate volume estimates to as many interested bidders as possible, and by using sealed bids, we generate the highest return to the landowner while maintaining fair competition to all interested purchasers. This leads us to the preparation of contracts between the landowner and harvester. You receive full payment and a performance bond before any tree cutting begins. During operations, our frequent inspections of the job site assure quality work. Once operations are completed, the harvester is required to level all skid trails and install water bars to prevent soil erosion. Landing areas and unstable trails are seeded with winter rye. Once this process is completed, and the landowner is satisfied, the performance bond is returned to the purchaser. When selling your trees through Northeast Timber Services, YOU control which trees are to be sold. We advertise the volumes and conditions of the sale and provide supervision to assure your satisfaction. Our fee is based upon a commission of each individual sale, giving us the incentive to earn the most money possible for your timber.

Forest Management Plans

We will develop a scientific plan to manage your trees for your personal objectives. When scientifically managed, your trees will grow faster. After taking initial measurements in the forest to determine its age, density and stocking, we will develop a schedule of recommended treatments to help you maximize productivity. We will keep you informed of changes that need special attention, including: infestations of gypsy moths or forest and eastern tent caterpillars, emerald ash borer, problems with soil erosion, forest road and property line maintenance. We will also help protect your forest from fire, disease, storms and other environmental hazards.

Watershed Management

Many of our clients are municipalities that realize proper management of their forest resources yields greater amounts of water and income. Through scientific management of the trees on a municipality's watershed property, it is possible to increase the amount of usable water in its reservoirs. At the same time, the village maximizes its income by taking advantage of our expertise in marketing. Further, if your property is located within the NYC watershed, the City has cost share funding to pay for management plans for forestland tax exemptions.

Forest Tax Laws  - 80 % Exempt in NYS

New York State has Section 480-A of the Real Property Tax Law. Stated simply, if a landowner commits his property to ten years of growing a forest crop, he is granted an 80% reduction in the assessment of his forested acreage. There is a commonly asked questions link at the bottom of this page. This law reduces your Property AND School taxes 80% off your forest land.

 Pennsylvania has the Clean and Green Act 319. This tax assessment act is based on the productivity of the property; the reduction in assessment calculated is up to the individual county assessor. You also may be state sales tax exempt on any forestry related items you purchase for your Tree Farm. Click the purple button on our Home page for the form.

Timber Appraisals

We can statistically cruise a property without having to measure every tree. By using different methods of sampling, we can accurately measure the volume of forest resources. From this we can determine a forest's value from the trees' quality and form. This method of assessing forests is fast and accurate.

Timber Trespass Appraisals 

Timber trespass can be a problem. Our foresters can determine the volume and value of trees that were stolen from your property. We can accurately calculate the total volume of veneer, sawlogs or fuelwood that were taken. Investigation of the stumps and tops or trees left standing in neighboring forests allows accurate appraisal of the quality of lost trees, providing you with evidence should legal action arise. We will also provide testimony as expert witnesses if necessary.

Wildlife Management

Different species of wildlife make different demands on a forest. Our staff wildlife biologist can advise you on how to attract and keep certain species. Some forest owners have a goal that focuses on a single species. A bird dog owner may want only to increase grouse on his property. In this case, habitat management to meet grouse needs are more specific than the general objectives designed to provide a habitat for a variety of species.

Timber Stand Improvement 

Timber Stand Improvement, (TSI), can speed up the growth of your trees and enhance their quality. TSI can convert scraggly groups of trees into a dynamic working forest. TSI measures include: weeding young stands, thinning to relieve overcrowding, release of young crop trees for faster growth, pruning the lower stems of trees to produce knot-free lumber, cull tree removal and salvage cutting of infested trees. An untended garden does not produce good crops. Our foresters can mark the trees that should be cut, or they can do the cutting for you.

Boundary Line Maintenance

It is important to have a licensed surveyor clearly establish your property lines. Once boundaries are established, it is important to maintain their location with paint or some other marker. Our foresters will mark your property lines every five years to make certain they are never lost.

Tree Planting 

Lease Management

We offer expert advice on what species of trees will meet your objectives. Some landowners want to grow Christmas trees, while others prefer to re-forest abandoned land unsuitable for agriculture. Some trees don't grow well in certain soils, some grow faster in other soils, some species control soil erosion, while others provide wind breaks... many trees produce wildlife food and cover or improve the recreational and aesthetic value of the landscape. Numerous species produce wood products, some grow better if properly spaced... the list goes on! Our foresters will analyze which tree species best meet your needs and we to help you maintain them.

Cost Share Programs

There are several government, and some private cost share programs to help forest landowners practice good forest management. NRCS Natural Resource Conservation Service offices are located in each County. NYC Watershed Forest management program has cost share money for landowners within the New York City watershed that commit to the New York State forest land tax exemption program.  EQUIP, Environmental Quality Incentive Program has cost share moneys. These programs have cost share money to develop forest inventories and management plans, timber stand improvement, tree planting, road building, water bars, soil erosion control, and  more.

Helpful Information....

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Many landowners lease their property to hunters for additional income. Northeast Timber Services is in contact with groups who are interested in renting property for recreation. We will help you find a responsible group to lease your property. We will also develop a lease agreement for you that will protect your interests.

Christmas Tree Management 

Healthy Christmas tree sales have made it very profitable to convert idle pasture into income producing Christmas Tree Farms. Christmas trees will be ready for sale 7-10 years after planting. Our foresters are well versed on the science of growing Christmas trees and can advise you thoroughly. Some of the considerations involved are: what type of trees to plant, location and time of planting, if the site needs special preparation to remove thick sod cover, selecting and using herbicides, fertilization, prevention of damage to seedlings by deer and rodents. After planting, there are methods to increase the value of the trees by shearing and pruning at different times of the year. Every year our 16' tree comes from the Baxter's.

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